Salary Packaging in Australia

Discover the advantage of Xpress Salary Packaging, enabling pre-tax salary use for everyday expenses, endorsed by the ATO.
It's designed to potentially save you money and enhance your take-home pay for more effective financial management.

Hospital Network Benefits

Empower your essential career. Save on taxes and enhance earnings with salary packaging.

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PBI & Charities Solutions

Boost your non-profit role and maximise your income with strategic salary packaging.

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Corporate & Government

Maximise pre-tax benefits for a better financial outlook and advance your career.

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Private Education & Rebatable

Tailor your salary packaging for optimal benefits. Invest in your role and future.

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At Xpress Salary Packaging, we specialise in converting your income into opportunities for financial growth and stability. Our tailored salary packaging solutions, endorsed by the ATO, are designed to maximise your take-home pay.

Our Melbourne-based team excels in customised financial planning, offering a range of services that span from novated leases to daily expense management, catering to various sectors including Healthcare, Corporate, Government, and Education.

For a full overview of how we can assist in enhancing your financial journey, learn more about us.

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